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Thursday, September 04, 2014

How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation

When you have plans in place to renovate your kitchen, it is important to make the necessary preparations to ensure food is available and that your kitchen gadgets and personal belongings are protected. Depending on the length and type of your planned kitchen renovation, you may want to pre-cook meals or take extra steps to cover furniture for protection against excessive dust or damage. Continue reading to learn more about the steps you should take to prepare your home, family, and pets for a kitchen renovation.

1. Consult with the contractor or person in charge of the renovation project for an exact timeline regarding dates and times the renovation will take place. This information will help you plan ahead, in addition to preparing you for times that strangers will be arriving to work inside your home.

2. Reserve the freight elevator during renovation hours if you live in a high-rise building so contractors can move equipment and building supplies to and from your kitchen.

3. Remove all pictures, mirrors, curtains, wall hangings, or any other types of furnishings from your kitchen walls and any walls shared with your kitchen to prevent them from falling, breaking, or becoming damaged.

4. Prepare and cook all meals in advance since you may not have access to your stove-top or oven.

5. Freeze or refrigerate your foods to prolong their life and freshness during the renovation period.

6. Pack away kitchen gadgets, appliances, and any other kitchen belongings you won't need throughout the renovation period into labeled boxes. Use bubble wrap or packing material for fragile items such as china, drinking glasses, dinnerware, and other items that may break easily.

7. Store boxes and items you won't need during the renovation in a garage or shed, or rent a storage space for your belongings throughout the construction phase.

8. Set aside essential items that you will need access to on a daily basis, such as coffee makers, can openers, utensils, or any other kitchenware or appliances.

9. Purchase disposable cups, plates, and eating utensils to use during the renovation process if you do not want to wash dishes or use valuable dinnerware.

10. Move the refrigerator to another location within your home or to your garage, or purchase a mini-refrigerator to use during the renovation.

11. Use a hot plate or a microwave to heat up or cook food if you will not have access to your stove-top or oven. You may also want to take advantage of using an outdoor grill if your renovation is occurring during nice weather conditions.

12. Move all your furniture or cover it with a protective plastic sheet if it resides in the kitchen or nearby areas to prevent any potential damages.

13. Cover any floors or walkways with protective plastic sheets to prevent the contractors from damaging your carpets or floors during the renovation.

14. Relocate your pet's food and water bowls to another section of your house at least 10 days prior to the renovation to prevent them from becoming stressed or confused during the renovation.

15. Determine if the contractors working on your kitchen will be utilizing a portable bathroom or a bathroom in your home during the renovation process. Remove any personal, private belongings, rugs, and other items you do not want seen or used from you bathroom if it will be used by contractors.

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