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New Construction/Additions

Whether you need an interior or exterior addition, Lisi Contracting Inc. has the right solution for you. We'll design and build you the perfect space to meet your needs.

Additions/New Construction

  • Interior & exterior remodeling
  • Decking, siding & roofing
  • Millwork & carpentry
  • Walls/flooring
  • Paint/varnish finishes
  • Equipment connections

Construction & Addition Design

Lisi Contracting Inc. will design the best layout for your addition according to the space available. The design of the addition will match the style of the surrounding structure to complement the building. Every detail is considered and you can rest assured that you will get the addition you want.

Construction Mechanicals

If your addition or new construction require electrical and plumbing work done, Lisi Contracting will take care of it. Skilled and experienced trained professionals will complete the mechanicals to your addition.


Arben: 914-490-8517
Valentino: 914-469-2966