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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Clean your Kitchen Range & Hood Filter

When you cook on your stovetop, your range's hood fan helps keep your kitchen cleaner and less smoky by filtering out the air around your stove. Inevitably, grease finds its way into your range's hood filter, and since it's vital to the life of your appliances that you keep their filters cleaned, your range hood deserves a good cleaning, ideally every month.

Why should you be concerned about cleaning your range hood?

The grease filtered out by your range fan traps grease inside it. Over time, it builds up and can lessen the performance of the range itself, not just the filter. The built-up grease can become impenetrable to filtered gases, thus creating a fire hazard. Not good.

What are some popular techniques for cleaning your range hood and filter?

  • Remove the range hood, and clean it with your household degreaser of choice.
  • Many homeowners prefer to run their filters through the dishwasher after an initial rinse.
  • You may also find a detergent that doesn't harm aluminum, and soak the filter in your sink or a clean bucket of soapy water to break up the grease.
  • If your range hood includes a carbon filter, the filter will need to be replaced every few months when it is past its prime.
  • To clean the range hood itself, unplug the range or shut off the power supply to it. Apply your degreaser or spray to a cloth towel, and wipe away. You want to avoid spraying directly onto the range hood, as this can cause chemicals to be trapped inside the appliance.

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